30 thoughts on “Romeo Beckham

    • At the least, he is surely, endlessly told by his Mom and the girls he knows that is cute! so yes he knows it!

      As for my opinion, he is in my “Sexy Gorgeous” and “Drop-Dead Gorgeous” categories! and I love how pic#3 shows off his muscle definition! :o

      many thanks CjLucas!

  1. Romeo really is a gorgeous little doll. Picture 3 is amazing: so beautifully slim and curvy, everything about him offers such wonderful possibilities! Thank you for a lovely set.

  2. I love the Beckham boys, but I really don’t know much about them or their Dad! can someone here tell a little about them?! please. Actually the first time I ever saw Romeo was that pic of him being carried like a sack of potatoes, by Chef Ramsey!

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