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    • I know right.Best you can do,is,never smoke,drink,or do drugs.I’m no ones dad,but my boy,or girl,when i do have kids some day,won’t be using that.Maybe he did it for the picture,who knows for sure? I can think of a better way to look cool. cool Bye everybody. P.S. Maybe the guy just posted that photo,ppl do that all the time.Later. dog

  1. you can raise your boy however you want , some find it wrong, but there is worse things out there. bad habit to have in my mind .If you had him 3 yrs he must love you as you love him, very much, and many here dream of having what you have. best wishes PM me if you wish.

    • No, you cannot raise him “however you want.” There are laws for reason, and it is illegal to beat, torture, neglect, abuse, etc. a child, and with good reason. The caretaker of this person is exhibiting neglect with their ignorance of what they are allowing this person to ingest. If the “parent” doesn’t know the dangers, how can the child consent to it? He doesn’t, he just grows up believing they’re harmless just like the marketing claims and is given a rude awakening when he finds out he has health problems two decades from now.

        • I’m in favour of everyone having the freedom to do what they want to do,within certain constraints of course.If you want to live in a society in which no one does anything you disapprove of,such as smoking,gay sex,following the wrong religion or whatever,then you probaly don’t believe in freedom.
          The boy in the picture looks old enough to smoke anyway.

          • I’m not some sort of neo fascist as I believe everyone should be free to live their lives as they wish to,and if the boy in the pic,who looks older then 13 yo ( in my opinion anyway ) wishes to smoke then let him be.
            I personally wouldn’t smoke nicotine based products as they don’t get me high,apart from a nicotine rush.I do smoke cannabais from time to time because I enjoy it.

  2. Smoking anything is just dumb,If u love someone u wouldn’t let them. I got my mom to stop and it makes me happy she did. Our house smells lots better too.


  3. i don t know whats going on?? seems there seems to be a lot of judging and fighting going on the site right now. It was a very pleasant site and still is a great site for people to enjoy what they like and leave the rest. Just like anything else in life. For the sake of the site I hope people just learn to enjoy what YOU like and let others d the same without disrespecting each other. Have a great day everyone.

    • I don’t think it’s a question of people disrespecting each other as such.Everyone on here should be free to express an opinion on any given subject and the rest of us can either agree or disagree,no one is being abusive or offensive as such,we are just expressing our own personal views which may be based on our own personal experience of life.
      I certainly enjoy reading the views expressed on this forum and I accept the fact that everyone has their own point of view.

  4. I like him a lot so please dont eliminate him.
    My friends and I used to smoke when we were that age and it didnt harm us much. It was just for some years because it was cool to do something forbidden and perhaps it even kept me from starting it later.
    There are a lot of recent developments that I consider more dangerous.

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