36 thoughts on “he sexy he know it

  1. Kid definitely can twerk better than most females! Thinking he’s done the part where he sits and does the buttock flex before if you know where I’m going? smile

    • Ok, obviously you are 100% homo. I completely disagree. Sure he is better than your average boy because most boys can’t do it, and have no ass. But girls? C’mon, dude. You know you are just kidding yourself to make up for the fact you can’t get a RELA girl. Up against a little girl doing this, he looks like an idiot. It’s just a cheap knock off of the real thing, and you know it.

  2. Any idea where this video came from? Youtube or something? I’d love to see more from him smile he looks Thai, but possibly from the Philippines, what do you guys think?

  3. Hi guys, been following this blog for a month or 2 now.. very amazing place. First time anything has ever caused me to comment, so I’m asking PLEASE if you know where this video came from or maybe if there are more of him on a youtube account or something, let me know. I don’t want to contact him or anything, just really interested in seeing more!! Thanks for any help in advance! OP is is the real MVP for this one! smile best video I’ve ever seen on here, or one of the best twerking videos ever. P.s. is he philippino, brazilian, spanish?? I cant tell. Anyways, thanks again!really looking forward to some info on him!

  4. WOW. thats the hottest vid I’ve ever seen… That boy is amazing, he has such a hot and sexy ass… Wow can he ever twirk it, he can control and move that ass like an expert…. Amazing

  5. Just double checked the video, and sorry to disappoint the non bi guys, but this is a girl. No bulge, and those are panties. Most girls in other countries wear their hair short like this.

  6. Honesty. There is no proof that this is even a boy. Most boys don’t have no ass, and are not build in a way to even work his body like that. The kid in the video never turned around so how do we know? There was no bulge either.

    Lots of girls in other countries wear their hair short. So yes, this could be a girl for sure. When was the las time you seen a boy be able to do this? I know you want to believe it’s a boy, but it most likely is not. Way too feminine to be one. And if it is, then this is a 1% rare case, and would mean he is better than your average boy, but for some of you to say just as good as a girl? HA. Go watch those little Latin girl videos where they really know how to move it. Plus they have the faces, the curves, and the more rounder butt to do it. Don’t fool yourselves.

    And don’t come calling me a hater. I am bi, and I like boys too, but compared to little girls? NO WAY! They got boys beat in every way.

  7. This looks like a girl to me. When the kid turns around for a sec, you can see the crotch is flat. A boy would have a bulge. This looks like a country where the girls wear their hair short. Boys don’t move like that.

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