9 thoughts on “Boys enjoying the fountain

  1. SEEN MANY IN ASIA IN FOUNTAINS MANY TIMES some in briefs many naked, not ashamed to show their bodies . and or course some don’t have much for clothes. next trip will use camera and go pro

    nice pics!!

  2. This series is by ‘Mrs Todger’, taken in London a few years back, I think Somerset House and Trafalgar Square. The photographer died in a car accident a few years later (unless my memory has failed me completely)

  3. Wow fantastic photos! I like them all! Such adorable little boys! Enjoying the coolness of the water! Wish American views weren’t so twisted when it comes to kids swimming or enjoying fountain in nothing but their underwears or even nude! But thankfully there are countries that got it right! A persons body isn’t anything to be ashamed of! Thanks for sharing this! smile

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