I am just wondering as BL  how many here actually have a YF.  I do and he full fills my life big time. How many here just a fantasy?  great to have this site  to look at great pics of young boys. Many thoughts goes through ones mind  …Oh I Wish He Was Mine … what we could do

Also wondering  who actually is the lucky ones who gets these great pics.  would like to know the country they are taken in…spain, france  etc. How do they get these boys to pose for them or do they really know they are being photographed…some do you can tell, others i am not to sure.

Love to hear your replies  on wondering.

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  1. Hi jj,
    Was wondering what you meant by
    I am a BL . Only by fantasy.
    I often have the same thoughts running through my mind as you when looking at all these young sweet boys.
    who is the lucky ones behind the camera lens?
    I would lose control of myself if it were me behind the lens!
    I just love seeing boys in speedos and underwear.


  2. I used to, but, and this might sound weird, I am glad it is over. I do have to say I had some nice years from when he was 7 till 14. He was a boy I knew from they youthgroup and next to the youthgroup we used to do some sports toghether (running, mountainbike, swimming, ping pong). But I did notice he started to loose interest as puberty set in. At that time I got a new job opportunity and took it and moved away. I am glad I did.
    Hanging out with the boy was great fun, but it also caused a roller-coaster of emotions. Exhilerated when we had a good time and really down when plans fell through.
    So now my life might be a bit more boring (I do still have a thing for some extreme sports and active hobbies) but at least it is stable and I am almost always happy. Don’t meet that many boys, but I am happy with other things I do.

    For photography: I used to only take pictures from boys I knew and I used a DSLR with a decent lens so they wouldn’t notice. Other way to do so is to use a modern smart-phone so they don’t notice (and modern phones take decent pictures). I don’t want them to notice cause then they’ll start to pose, I do like them a bit more spontaneous. In camp situations they often get used to the pictures and they don’t really pay attention to it.

  3. Pendant plus de 25 ans j’ai eu, chez moi, plusieurs garçons. Mes fils et leurs amis. De sorte que j’ai toujours été entouré de garçons entre 8 et 15 ans pour la plupart. Beaucoup de sports, randos, aéromodélisme, parapente, etc… Comme nous habitions en Afrique (j’y résidais depuis que j’avais 6 ans) le speedo ou la nudité totale était souvent de mise à la maison… Comme je suis photographe, inutile de préciser que je n’ai jamais eu à dérober des images par téléobjectif. Sur mes blogs (trois fois nuked chez Tumblr, j’ai renoncé à Tumblr) beaucoup de mes photos sont prises avec mes garçons ou leurs amis. Depuis 1999, suite à une guerre civile, j’ai dû rentrer en exil en France, un pays que je n’aime plus et que je quitte définitivement dans deux mois. Il y a des cieux plus joyeux, avec ou sans speedo….

    • Une fois qu’on a certains habbitudes ça devient dificile de changer. En Europe les regles sont plus stricte et les gens moins souples. C’est past encore si pire qu’en Angleterre ou etats-unis, mais on y va.

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