Boys Wrestling

image image image image image image image image image I love wrestling outfits!! They are so tight!! You can perfectly look at the boy’s body smile i also love those grips they to between the legs of the opponent! smile



10 thoughts on “Boys Wrestling

  1. I feel seeing them around big people helps me realize that “great things come in small packages”. (It highlights how cute they are). In pics where they are by themselves or up close it’s less noticeable.

  2. There is absolutely no reason or excuse (prudisheness aside) for any wrestling at any age to be done other than naked except for some protection of the genitals – a jock strap,for instnace. (Rhinestone preferred!) The absurdity of present outfits is shown by the boy in red at the end, who has boxers on under his wrestling outfit. It ruins the lines of the outfit without serving any function – assuming he showers ,which he seems to. But the photography -I like.

  3. The boys in the last pic wearing boxers under their spandex are being rediculous. At the jr. High I coach at all boys are required to wear a jockstrap with no other underwear under their singlets. I assign the singlets so I make sure each boys uniform is at least one size too small so there is no question if they are jocked.

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