37 thoughts on “random beautiful Sunday

  1. Especially the fourth boy breathtaking for me. It’s perfection in every way.
    I love his hair, I love his white complexion, I love his incredibly slim body. He is very sexy and It has a beautiful age. I never got tired too look this boy. My heart is breaking, with regret, bitterness …

    • Indeed, honestly i think he’s the most beautiful boy
      I have ever seen, physically and judging by his beautiful smile, emotionally, i wish boys never grow old beyond this age as it is clearly the penacle of their beauty, nothing is more beautiful on this planet and of existence itself than a boy with his loving and curious personality, wish he was my friend for he was then he’d be my reason and inspiration of winning the nobel prize for physics, i will keep this picture of him in my room along with the giants of science as a continous source of inspiration, i dont care what people say this boy is my everything now!

    • almost forgot, does anyone know what country #4 is in? by the type of electrical wall outlet?! it doesn’t look familiar to me! I know what American (of course because I live here!), Canadian, and some European one’s look like, because I work in 2nd Hand Retail! we get all kinds of appliances from all around the world! I think #4 boy is extremely gorgeous! i love the Shorts he’s wearing, If he was my son, he’d be my pet! heart hug

      Great post Sascha! you’ve out done yourself again! good

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