Feeding a horse




20131019_143933Some of the rare shots I did myself. You have to zoom in to see the boys a bit larger. The river seen in the one shot is the Weser (Germany). I only remember the names of the dark-haired boy (Jonathan) and the blond boy in the red pullover (Philipp) but it was a nice weekend. Sad to be aware to probably never meet them again.

8 thoughts on “Feeding a horse

  1. awww thanks for sharing your private pics smile Philipp and Johnatan are beautiful and lovely smile Especially because they are german boys heart and I love the “tight” jeans of Philipp smile
    Yeah it is really difficult with the love of boys cry

  2. An emotional experience like that is togetherness, so whenever I have a chance to interact through someting like that I try to make the most of it by letting my feelings show as much as I can with regard to the expectations of the people involved. Even if it’s just one moment in time it still counts.

  3. I’m pleased that you like Philipp. He’s indeed one of the cutest boys I ever met.
    Once, when having meal, it turned out that the table he was sitting at was to be the last to be allowed to go to the buffet, so he screamed out:
    “Das ist gemein, gemein, gemein, gemein!”
    (That’s mean, mean, mean, mean)

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