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  1. I didn’t know this boy on the vid but i did have my lost from car accident. some how i came across the vid ( fate maybe) and thought i would share and pls cherish what you have. the vid hit home.

  2. I’m sorry, but I just can’t watch this video if it is a tear jerker. Almost 30 years ago, I had a Cousin named Aaron, we were more like brothers than Cousins, because we were always together! I moved several states away with my immediate family, and hadn’t seen him for a few years, I received a call one day from family back home to tell me he had died of a viral infection! Words can not begin to describe the anguish and grief I felt! he was 13, and I was in my late 20s, ever since suffering that loss, I find it VERY hard to see anything about a boy getting hurt or dying, it’s just too emotionally draining. So I will have to pass on this one.

    I know what you might be thinking, did he and I have sexual relations? no, never with a family member!

  3. I too have lost young friends to tragedies such as car accidents and illnesses! SAD…There is a YouTube video which I cant remember at this time but the boy was a YouTube sensation and was considered a YouTube star?..Had millions of followers and died tragically too!(possibly a tonsillectomy or car accident?…something?) sorry to be so vague but I just cant remember his name and story right now…maybe its for the best…There’s already too much sadness ! * I guess you could look it up on YouTube.

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