19 thoughts on “More nice boys

  1. #3 has saved me a spot next to him.
    #4 I would have to say to him “prove it” but I love the number on his jacket.
    #5 needs me to warm him up and believe me I would love the chance to do so!

  2. I’m about a month new to this site, and I think I’ve died and gone to heaven…!!!! Only to find #1 and #4 are in bed…waiting for me ….!!!! Life is good !!!!!!!
    Thank you for this site…..!!!!!!!

  3. The boy in the last pic is sweet but the boy in pic #4 is just awesome,the pic is an old one I guess.
    I’m not saying anything about the Rolling Stones lips and tongue motif on his tiny denim shorts but it’s giving me some thoughts ! He’s even wearing a jacket with 69 on it damm ! dash

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