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    • I found a blogsite once that was ran by someone who claimed to be a close family friend of the Galbraith’s, I don’t think the blogsite still exists because I’ve tried to find it, but only get a “Not Found 404′ each time I try. This person stated on the blog that Declan’s parents would not allow him to travel abroad, other than Germany and China because of their fears, and they wanted him to stay as safe as possible which was too bad because it caused him to miss out on a lot of opportunities as far as his music career is concerned. He did his version John Lennon’s “Imagine” which I dare say was even better than John’s rendition! If I can find it I’ll post it too! I’m sure the UK has a similar law as the one here in the states to protect child actors and performers, here it’s called the Coogan Act, established after actor Jackie Coogan sued his parents for the money he earned as a child actor! he had earned somewhat close to a million dollars, but the court only granted him a small amount of that sum. The Coogan Act requires the parents of a working child to start a Trust Fund for the child, and 1/3 of all the earnings goes into the account and can’t be touched til the child reaches 18 years old. I truly hope there is a similar law in place in the UK! it was quite obvious his parents were reaping the benefits of HIS success, the blog had posted some pics of Declan’s home and personal life, the parents had a Pool installed in the back yard which I’m 100% sure Declan paid for!

      Sorry for going on and on, but this has always been a sore spot with me, how his parents held him back, and now HE is the one suffering for it career wise! He could have/ should have been as big as The Beatles!

  1. I had such a crush on him for a few years after I found him on youtube. If memory serves, he got his start around 2002, his first musical participation was a Christmas album where sang “Walking in the Air” and a few others! He rocketed to stardom in Germany, The UK, and China! He as a large Fan base here in the states too, but his parents would not allow any travel abroad, except for Germany and China. He’s in his early 20’s now, and from what I’ve heard he’s doing okay professionally! I truly wish him all the best! smile

  2. I fell in love whit his voice a while ago. Now he’s mature and for a boylover like me……the magic is gone sadly. But i love all his songs with that beatyfull boy-voice he had at the time. Priceless!

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