12 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. I have a weakness for young boys with shredded abs. And he has a stomach like a stone wall! So HOT!!! And the cute, innocent face to this. What a contrast!

    I have the idea he plays soccer (or something else) in a park on a hot day. A few girls are watching the game, especially him. They’re whispering and giggling and all agree he is really cute. But then he takes off his shirt. The girls gazes at him, shocked by his hot, ripped body. They are standing there, paralyzed, everyone with open eyes and mouths. He recognizes his “fans” and feels great to have such an appeal to the girls…

    • It takes a lot of Situps to get THAT ripped! Like I should talk, I have a bad case of what we in the states call “Dunlop” disease! it’s when a Guy’s belly has done lopped over his belt! TOO MUCH BEER!! laugh

  2. I’m 13 and my best friend looks just like him same hair nice colorful eyes really nice tan and a really sexy body 6 pack a nice chest and he has a cute package I have had it in my mouth a few times smile

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