Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Did you ever have that one boy in your life that you thought was simply drop dead gorgeous?! I’ll start, 7thgradepics (1) This Billy, he and I went to Middle school together! he was 13, and I was 15, he and I were very close friends! I never knew whether not I was his first love, but he very much was mind! I believe in love at first sight, because on the 1st of day school that year, I got ONE look at his beautiful bright blue (Asa Butterfield blue!) eyes, and I was instantly in love! he ad I were in 7th grade together, at the end of that year, he moved away and I never saw him again. sad I will always have the memories of our time together, but I still miss him to this day!

9 thoughts on “Drop Dead Gorgeous!

  1. He indeed looks adorable. I understand why you liked him and still do.

    It’s sad how people sometimes lose each other by going their own ways. sad But it’s part of life.

  2. 1st time posting here. Gratitude for many of the great, hot posts you’ve made.

    But I’m here because your story was so personal & genuine that it moved me & made me cry. I hope & wish with my Divine Spirit that you one day rediscover that unique, blissful joy you once had with this very beautiful boy, that no picture can fully express. The joy you shared with him is in my heart & you deserve that kind of joy again one day, no matter how, where or when.

    • Thank you so much! sorry about the quality of the picture, it is actually about 2/3 smaller than it appears here, it got really grainy after enlarging. Billy was a beautiful boy! he had the best smile! his hair was a Dishwater Blonde with highlights! I wish I had more, better pics of him, this pic was from my 7 grade Yearbook, which I lost when my home burned down, luckily I had scanned certain page from into my PC, and saved them on a flash-drive which was unhurt by the fire.

      Thanks to all for your input! smile

  3. messed around with a few classmates in elementary school but fell madly in love with John in 8th grade. 6 yr later I called him and told him how I had felt back then and still did. We talked for over an hour. He wasn’t gay but was flattered and was kind enough to stay on the phone and talk with me.

  4. Aw definitely know the feelings had many a crushs on boys throughout school! Some have moved away too sadly! I see why you’ll always have a place in your heart for him! He was adorable! I definitely would of fallen for him too!

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