Everyone is different

I know that many of you boy-lovers do not associate yourselves with the gay community. That many of you feel being gay is completely different from being attracted to pre-pubescent boys.

I think that we’re just afraid of the word “gay” and that too many stereotypes are associated with the word. The word comes with other feminine labels and a categorized lifestyle that we can’t relate to. Instead, we feel that it shadows our masculinity.

I wish that weren’t the case. I wish being “gay” could be seen as a spectrum – with different types of gay. Like the rainbow the pride represents. And that our attraction to boys are just one type of many. Then again, I wish that my attraction to young boys were socially acceptable, but that will never happen either.

I wish I could run through the streets and shout about how proud I am to be attracted to young boys. And that people will look at me without questioning my masculinity – if only they would realize that I love being a boy so much, that I love boys too. Instead, I’ll take it to my grave.

But I choose not to be morbid and bitter. I choose to be happy. The little we can do is support and be proud of the gay community because, deny it or not, we are in some convoluted way still a part of it. A huge chunk of the gay community is just like us. And, trust me, the world’s acceptance of it is one step closer to the acceptance of ours’.

Here’s a video to celebrate the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the US. This video is going viral at the moment. It’s of a 9-year old boy twerking at a gay pride, and its adorable.

(P.S. Everyone secretly know that young boys are the most beautiful creatures of them all. Only a brave few admit it.)

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  1. I did read everything, I dont want to comment on that.
    I just want to say I dont like the video neither those people, if it were straight guys and it was a little girl dancing they would go to jail.
    And I love boys very much but I would never like my yf to dance like that. And who says that boy even is gay, probably his parents(2 dads or who ever they are) wants him to be gay too.
    I mean who lets his kid strip to gaypublic at age 9/10.
    Sorry for those who are gay, I dont have something against most gays but some of them are just stupid, those who say bl’s are sick and we are normal. Being bl or gl was always normal only not for the last 40 years.

    • Well there is nothing wrong with being bi or anything like that every one to there Own mate so yea and the kid is just having a good time if he didn’t want to he wouldn’t would he

    • @your stereotype of him having 2 gay dads who want him to be gay. He doesnt look like he was coached and forced to do it. He looks wild and untamed to me. And he looks like hes havin a good time. The only coaching and forcing is done society on us to be their version of normal. But “Everyone is different”.

    • hes not strippin. hes twerking. and hes not nude. just shorts is normal for a boy. the internet is full of young boys and girls twerking real crazy. this vid is not bad. people just want to hate on it coz its at a gay pride.

      • Its nice to see you re 3 are talking about the boy wasnt force, of course he isnt, thats not even the point. The point is that I dont understand who let him do that on a gay pride. And like I said if it was a girl with straight guys the cops would be there for sure.
        I dont think gays should be hated and they already have more freedom. I just dont care about because they dont care about us (not all of them). Its like sometimes straight are more open minded then gays, if you say one thing you re a homofobe. If you say pedo , then they use it as their own advantage that they are normal and we are evil persons who rapes kids. And again its not everyone, of course I know gay people who can understand the attraction towards kids. But I ll not care about those who wants us to burn in hell.
        I dont choose a group of people to like or not, I just look at everyone personal like you can read above ‘everyone is diffrent’. So to be clear I dont care about someone who doesnt care either whatever he is straight/bi/shemale.
        This is my opinion –> freedom of speech.

        • I disagree with your opinion – there is no reason why he shouldn’t do that at a gay pride event. Absolutely none. The hetero men wouldn’t be arrested for doing that here in the U.S., where this took place, nor would men with this boy. So….. that’s all there is to it. For the record, I am more gay than BL, but I am still to some degree BL, and you have to recognize that the expansion of the rights of sexual minorities takes time and occurs in steps. IF it is to happen for BLs and GLs, then it must happen for the gay community first. That is the way of things, like it or not.

          • I see you point and I agree at some point.
            You were once more bl so you understand everything about us. But a lot other gays dont.
            And I am not going to wait until bl has been accepted, gays are already accepted. I am also straight anyway not much as boys but still.
            Even if it would be acceptble, in real it would still be a danger to come out, a lot people still dont understand gays.
            Btw nice to see you here again blum

            • That’s right, I once was more BL than gay and I still hold the same beliefs now that I did then. The logic hasn’t changed. Don’t know how or why my brain has – but it has to some extent, enough that my preference is for a late teen or young guy.

              I know it can be dangerous in many areas – especially in places where even gays are not accepted, such as the “civilized” country of Russia.

              But I’ve told countless coworkers and friends (and my mom), and not one who I’ve told of my attraction to boys rejected me for it. Not one.

              So – I won’t say there’s no danger but when you are with accepting people, there is nothing wrong with being yourself (or really even when you’re with bigoted people – it’s them who are in the wrong).

              And yes, I know many gays don’t – it’s a phenomenon I’ve witnessed many times. One minority fighting for it’s rights is quick to distinguish itself from another, perceived to be lesser, minority, in order to advance its own cause. Only once equality has been achieved in a more secure, and lasting state, is there room for comfort in relating that minority’s identity with the once ridiculed identity. There are other issues here with BLs – the perception of ill will and harm, where none exists in fact, is a huge problem that is blocking progress in the rights of this community.

              Thank you for your kindness smile

    • I do not see what you do, this boy is using an ability he has, I do not think he is being forced to do anything, I think he is doing this here because it may be the only place he feels safe doing it. Society pressures people to be the same while stating they should “be themselves” if i am the same as you I cannot be myself. I feel this cute child is celebrating his own individuality, in an atmosphere that is inviting to being his self.

    • You are bl and would not like your friend to dance if he wants? Do you want to posses und control, teach him to accept your personal views on your personal morality? He shows the public that he is not an asexual being, like the older people. That’s an important step towards more acceptance and understanding of bls. Why do you want anyone to be arrested? I don’t get it.

          • You are contradicting yourself. You dislike gays for not accepting boylovers, but criticize them, letting the boy enjoy sexual moves as he pleases. You are the one who wants to manipulate a boy.

  2. Being gay actually didn’t originally mean what most people think of today. It originally meant happy until us Americans completely ruined the meaning. sad

  3. Milkboy, I don’t know how old you are, but it is irrelevant. You need to be careful about running through the streets and shouting about how attracted you are to young boys. Pedophilia is a sexual attraction that older adolescents and adults have toward children. If you are not careful, someone could translate your sexual attraction to young boys in a negative way, possibly resulting in a phone call to the cops. Homosexuals are becoming more accepted, but pedophilia crosses a line because it can become sexual child abuse and child molestation.

    Now, let us not confuse that with this site. Many of us here do not have that sexual attraction to young boys. The website is called “The Beauty of Boys” for a reason. We come here to admire the beauty of boys. Some of us may like to fantasize, but I’m sure none of us would ever perform those fantasies in real life. After all, when you really care about someone, the most important thing is there safety. That also doesn’t make us homosexuals (or pedophiles) in real life. We each have our own reasons for coming to this site and looking at all the wonderful boys. To make the assumption that everyone here is homosexual is ridiculous, especially since you have no evidence to back up such a claim.

    • I think young boys are cute but I would never act on my feeling towards them, I don’t find them attractive but people can’t help who they like

    • Most people here are sexually attracted to boys. Most people here are men. Boys are male. Thus, his claim makes sense. I don’t know where he lives but if he lives in the U.S., being a pedophile is not a crime, and he can shout it to the top of his lungs and no call to the police can result in any incarceration or fines or any punishment or even a search warrant, because being a pedophile is not probable cause that any crime has occurred.

      • True MG, but ALL it takes, is for a child to say “He touched me!” and it’s guilty forever! whether you did or not, the court will most likely believe the child! Remember the California “Witch Hunts” of the 1980s!? that stigma very much still exists!

        • Well, yes, there is some validity to what you say, although I can’t say I “remember” the witch hunts, since I was born in ’89, but I have watched a documentary on these witch hunts and know they occurred. However, it is not always the case where a child can make false allegations and get away with it. There are cases where the child made allegations (and made them to be quite fantastical in order to hype the attention gained) and when the child was examined by a medical professional, the claims backfired because there was no evidence to sustain the claims, and the child’s credibility was called into question as a result. So, I’m just saying – it’s not so bad as to be any time a child wants to put someone in jail, all they need to do is throw sexual abuse or sexual conduct allegations, but yes in many cases, if the evidence allows for it, the court will credit the child over the accused.

          • The lives of the adults and their children were ruined …nothing to do with touching anybody… you are a lar and touch you I will if you dare

          • The child often makes just as the woman does and the guy spends money …. remember Michael Jackson and how much money and her two boys He touched neither boy nor her. They fed off him and He PAID for ideas like yours . EVIL YOU LIAR

      • A man being sexually attracted to boys does not make him homosexual. It makes him a pedophile. That is actually the most common type of pedophilia. Even men who are married to women can be pedophiles.

        Most people here keep their attractions here. They don’t go out and sexually abuse the neighborhood boys after watching the latest blog updates. What can get pedophiles arrested is that act of sexually abusing children. It is child molestation, a form of child abuse, and you can be branded as a sex offender for doing it.

        In order to prove my point, let’s create a hypothetical situation. Let’s say I hear a man shouting that he is sexually attracted to boys, how am I to know that he has not sexually abused any boys? How am I to know that he won’t abuse any boys? I could easily misinterpret what he was shouting.

        In regards to the false allegations of sexual crimes toward boys, it’s true that the charges can be dropped, but you are forgetting a punishment that cannot be stopped by dropped charges. Society does not forget that easily, and the public will still brand people as sex offenders, even with the charges dropped. The suspects can lose their jobs and the trust of those around them, while also gaining harassment and threats. Being a suspect brands people forever. That’s why you have to be careful, and watch what you do.

        • Sorry, but you’re plain wrong. Homosexuality is attraction to the same sex. If you are male, and you are sexually attracted to other males, regardless of age, then you are at least homosexual in some respect. It doesn’t matter how the term is used culturally speaking – truth and logic is not always followed. The delineation between “homosexuality” and “pedophilia” was created for political and pseudo-medical reasons having nothing to do with the logic of the terms. It is a complete fiction to pretend that children have no sex until they reach some arbitrary age. If they have a sex, then the labels “homosexual” and “heterosexual” are just as applicable.

          More than abuse can get you arrested and charged with a crime – as you know, it doesn’t matter whether the conduct was consensual or not in most jurisdictions.

          It doesn’t matter what you know or how you interpret his declaration of attraction, at least in my country. The law protects the freedom of speech here and identity cannot be criminalized. Period.

          If the public in your area has shunned you then you can move and get a name change. Done.

  4. I don’t consider myself Gay, but I have a younger brother who is, He is actually my Half-Brother, same Dad different Moms! he is 6 years my junior, I didn’t get to meet him till he was 11, I was 17, growing up he endured a lot of abuse, physical from his Step-Dads, and sexual abuse from one of his step-brothers.
    he told me that he realized he was Gay at about 16, because he tried to have relations with Girls his own age, but found he was more attracted to boys and older men. He has been partners with the same man for over fifteen years, and now they are happily married! After getting acquainted with my younger Brother, I have studied the Gay community to get a better understanding my brother’s life choices and lifestyle! and I have learned, that the Gay community is one of the most accepting groups people on the planet! they accept YOU for who you are, because that’s how they want to be treated.

  5. My experience is that children will show themselves off (not nude however) and it’s natural because everyone wants to be noticed. Adults should always be respectful and not do anything coercive or secretive or make put-down comments because someone is being entertaining. As an older guy myself I told a 20-something friend one time that I would never take him to a gay bar because I didn’t know if we would get out of there alive! He was so cute that people wouldn’t know how I had him s a friend and would be jealous if they didn’t ravage him first.(On the other hand I if I were in that group I would try to touch that boy myself if he would let me).

  6. Ok reading communications I came to this conclusion! Society has it’s view on us BLs & it isn’t a good outlook here in united states! The word used is pedophile! And if society had it’s way they’d do public hangings if you were ever found out to have feeling for young boys! Hence why I tend on moving away from the united states! For social views expressed by American society on sexuality are extremely ignorant! Other countries aren’t hung up on sexuality and I can enjoy admiring young boys without any questions of the mind will somebody notice me checking out a little boys behind and lose their freaking mind? I’ve been researching and found out through YouTube videos kids attend school wearing nothing but undergarments in other countries! So not all of the world is strictly prohibited from checking out a young boys body thankfully! smile

  7. How funny! Because in my case I feel very identified with the culture and the world gay and LGTBQI, although personally I consider myself the fifth divine sex and bl. I believe that the forerunners of the gay movement have been since long ago the Boylovers, and today could be considered as another variant of homosexuality. Always the body of man, its forms and muscles liked me, but when I grew up I discovered the beauty of the children

  8. I am glad that a lot of you think that being a BL is a good thing, but I do not. In fact, the only reason i am here is to feed my fantasy life in order to keep me from going after boys in the real world. So far, i have been successful, which i am very proud of. I hope to live out the rest of my life without touching a boy.

    The one good thing i can think about dying is at that time my torment will end.

    • For me any kind of sex is disgusting, everyone is kinda dirty.
      And I believe adults are even more disgusting, adults need to look at themselves, make their hair,taking a shower, girls using make up. Its a not a secret that most girls/womans who use a lot make up have faces with pimples. Boys doesnt stink that much if they dont take a shower. They hair are still great without making it up.
      But in any way everyone is dirty, everyone goes to toilet.
      And I dont believe 99% thinks its disgusting because there are more then only 1% of people who are attracted to underage children and teens.
      And if you think it is tell me why you think it is and why straight and gay sex isnt.

          • You’ve misinterpreted the above comment.
            Boys are not disgusting at all infact they are Gods and angles.
            What I meant was;”girls and women are disgusting.”. I am allergic to women. And I am not sexually attracted to both men and women.

            • No I did understand understandwhat you said.
              I ment that I dont only am attracted to boys but also girls and woman.
              I said one comment before everyone is kinda disgusting, but I dont get how boys could be more disgusting then woman. If joseph thinks adults are really beautifull then I believe boys are angels for sure.
              So what I mean, I didnt mean what I said.
              Of course I dont think boys are disgusting.

    • lol YES – the righteous overlord of disgust has spoken. Joseph Kram has proclaimed “being a pedophile” to be disgusting, and therefore it is. Get real and get over yourself ya dick. If you want ugly look at your own disgusting face. Thank you and goodnight.

  9. The only one thing, which can feed paedophiles is virtual reality ( virtual helmet, which can stimulate your brains, nerves, feelings, smells and ect). But we have a big con: i don’t think is it legal… But it would be best idea to feed that type of people, why not? you will not hurt anybody, it’s just a virtual reality, nobody knows, nobody will be injured…

  10. Hi Everyone. Thank you for the comments. I was expecting a very polarized reaction – sometimes a set of opposing views keeps the world fair (unless they lose respect for each other).

    And don’t worry about me – i won’t run shouting about young boys. It was just a wish, an ideal, trying to emphasis our closet-ness, or rather that feeling of freedom if the world were different.

    • Wonderful words MIlkboy! Yes every one is different. but I am sure that the thoughts you are expressed here are very common among men of this anonymous community. At least it is my case . Thanks for sharing, it is reassuring to see that I am not alone in this world.

  11. Bro look ay some of the vids on youtube thesedays of boys in the bath etc what this kid is doing is being a normal boy havin fun and by the way gay pride is men and women celebrating the fact that soiciety accepts them bro there are a lot worse vids online than this

  12. This has been an interesting discussion. My first reaction to this video was I was incredibly turned on and then the familiar feeling of disgust I often feel when watching boys in public. For some odd reason if the boy had been in a more private setting I would have not felt this way. My reasoning for this is somewhat foggy but I believe it is a symbol of something happening collectively that represents a cultural shift. For good or for ill only hindsight will tell. Most have been too conditioned to feel shame for any displays of sexuality “after all such a thing should not be publicly acceptable because I (me mine yours) is not publicly acceptable. It needs to be clear that is feeling is actually a conditioned state hammered into us from a young age (feel shame feel guilt feel aversion) yet this collides with out biological response of arousal that can be so powerful it will override reason. Those of you, who have not been conditioned in this way may not realize how lucky you are and it is my hope that you find some understanding to how this affects society as a whole.

  13. Wonderful words MIlkboy! Yes every one is different. but I am sure that the thoughts you are expressed here are very common among men of this anonymous community. At least it is my case . Thanks for sharing, it is reassuring to see that I am not alone in this world.

  14. I would just like to say i am a gay father of two boys and they have accepted the fact that I am gay and have never once tried to force my boys into.the gay lifestyle but my older ine has come to me and asked me whats it like to be gay and whats it like to be sexual with another guy and I am honest with him cause ge know no matter what the question is he doesn’t have to worry about being embarrassed to come ask me and i think that the boy is gorgeous and extremely talented he would be welcomed at my house anytime

  15. “Then again, I wish that my attraction to young boys were socially acceptable, but that will never happen either.”
    I think it is possible, that better days for BLs come. But sexual contact with boys would be ok only under the right strong conditions. Being a BL alone doesn’t qualify for age appropriate sex with boys. On the other hand, a long lasting love relationship of two people is not the elementary condition. Would take to long to numerate all conditions, that I have in mind. Of course no sex with a stranger. Try to come out as BL as much as possible (friends, family, public), show them how boys react on you by themselves – if they do – without any form of manipulation or consideration.

    • There still has to be something like a minimum age under which only same age would be acceptable. Maybe special case authorizations for BLs who qualify for sex with boys older than around 8, before it comes to a sexual contact, could be a possibiliy.

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