9 thoughts on “Steele Stebbins 6

  1. He is too cute heart
    His smile and his beautiful eyes melt my heart! I feel the urge to hug him every time he smiles and his eyes are shining…

  2. Yeeeeah definitely would be awesome to hug him! Agree his smile and eyes are definitely attention grabbing! Maybe wrong of me to say this? But I wouldn’t mind seeing him in cartoon briefs! Size 8! smile good heart

  3. Hey Simcah. I just watched all the Steele vids you’ve posted and he is, for the lack of a better word, beautiful.

    He has such a cool boy voice, killer smile and just the sweetest supercute face.

    I’m in love.

  4. You are off your sh*t house rocker…and off your meds…How could you hate this kid he is extremely adorable!!! Oh I know your just jealous that hes so cute and you CANT have him….

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