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  1. What a cute video. I am saddened to here he got so much hate thrown at him. I don’t understand that the hate for being gay is still there. It was there when I was in middle school over 30 years ago. Unbelievable. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Interesting enough I came out as a child and I think it was the best thing I could have done. Yes there was some hate, I did not respond to it. but most accepted me simply because I did not hide. I mean I was simply real. Yet there was 2 kinds of people about me,, those that liked me a lot or those that did not like me a lot,, Either one did not bother me

    • Sorry dude. He deleted his entire channel so we won’t find the original video on YT.

      It’s so bittersweet when he says, “For all of you who are gonna be hating, please don’t post it”. Because thats exactly what happened anyway.

      He says it so cutely though, my head almost exploded from too much cuteness. $&[email protected] adorable.

  2. A boy who lives near me ‘came out ‘ when he was 12 yo.He was a very good looking boy with perfect hair and always dressed in skinny jeans and hi tops ,theroblem being as soon as started telling other boys he was gay he basically got shunned by the other boys round here.
    Anyway ,his parents recently split up and I think he went to live with an aunt.Very sad really. sorry

  3. Yeah I remember watching this video a few years back. No one ever really knows what happened to this kid but apparently him coming out as gay didn’t go down all that well hence why he deleted his videos.

    He’s a gorgeous boy and one any guy would be lucky to have now or in the future, shame people just can’t be accepting of us.

  4. FRAUD … the pet thing in back acts wrong … and the entire talk sounds wrong … I am a detective and I say I am wrong if I am but this just looks too off to be real

  5. First off THIS kid is NOT a fraud! I saw this YT video too…but fell in love with not only his all too cute face and body (he has YT vids of him shirtless YUMMY!!! inlove ) I was so attracted to this boy I used the video a few times… laugh …Yet I also fell in love with his story and how brave and cute he was and I used to fantasize about how good to him id be and protect him from any bullies! I wished he was my boyfriend!. Contrary to some statements above^^^^ His vids are still on YT not posted by him but by fans of his. I looked up his real name did some research and saw one pic of him as an older teen …He still is a hot boy…maybe not as cute for someone whos AoA is younger but he still kept his hot look! I wish him well…and he will forever be remembered as the cute as hell little boy (by the way he was 11 to 12 when he first did vids) forever! sleep well Abe !

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