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  1. I don’t mean to throw a “Wet Blanket” on the party, but the #2 pic is, I believe, a Girl! I have a full frontal shot of this person, and it is apparent that there is no “evidence” that this is a boy! unless he/she is Bi, and was tucking it in! but there would still be something there to prove the gender, but I didn’t see it! if I can find the pic I’ll post it.

    I have always felt the ONLY difference between preteen boys are girls, is a penis and vigina, all other features of both are pretty much the same! That’s why it’s hard to tell sometimes. smile

    • Cannot determine one from another, you are not wrong. Boys and girls are genially generally determined by genitalia … and there oddities in the XY DNA. There is the XXX and XXXY and the XXO ( zero ) plus at least and twenty other oddities. Interesting to know. PLEASE NOTE — Some people are so cute that sexuality is not relevant. Except. Interesting to note that all, yes it is.

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