30 thoughts on “Sporty Friday

  1. Such a HOT DAY ! My hot feelings thinking of boy sitting on changing-rooms floor. Maybe he likes….FARMHOUSE -jobs?..farmer ted…

  2. Sporty boy on last pic…..HOT BOY on a hot day. “I know what you want farmer!” Sporty boy say…this morning of a HOT day…farmer ted…

  3. I love #2&#3 he is just too cute and I guess he is kinda sad.And of course the guy behind him was admiring him I wonder what he thought but hands off he is mine

  4. — BUTTERFLY … NUMBER FOUR is BUTTERFLY … or, he gets that name and title to refer to him. BUTTERFLY is the description of him from a viewing, by many more than i, of all his photos, not just this one. He is a make me cry type of guy cry BUTTERFLY !!! heart May he fly by and pollinate around. smile heart
    — I wish NUMBER ONE were more than the one. MEE-OWW … ! heart

  5. Only a weirdo bothers to reply and comment on these sites. smile Only a weirdo re-replies and re-comments. acute Without such as wee of the mee wees then you all others would have no such sites as this to even see. I hate as much as u. wacko Me still thinks BUTTERFLY is a wonder to go fly off with. heart BUTTERFLY might hate me but he is pure love to me heart

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