20 thoughts on “shaun’s little lambs #1

    • It’s a BL thing! some boys, in some opinions, have really nice bodies, but not so nice faces, and vice versa! I do this sometimes too, but I’m not good at it as the person who did #1, it was very hard to tell that it was Shopped! I still have XP on my PC, and don’t have any advanced Photoshopping software, so mine don’t turn out as good.

  1. But all the rest are so gorgeous!! Some real favourite there and from these photos Nakita wins for me. Same boys and different photos, most likely it would be one of the others, etc.Each boy is stunning! Thank you so much.

  2. PIC 5…..” May I ask You , Sir , to go to the bar and order GIN & TONIC…I will talk to your Little lamb….. private talks…..ted the farmer.

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