18 thoughts on “It’s meee

    • Me too, but if you do ever consider cutting it, please consider making a donation to a hair charity! there are lots boys and girls out there that are stricken with childhood cancers, and would love to have wig or hairpiece! smile

  1. Jep… I’m old but I’m happy …
    erm … seein’ your pic right here.
    I’m from Germany. Munich – City. Hope you’ll answer me actually my age ’bout thirty- four.

  2. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL !! & SEXY. Boy !…….I LOVE IT ! and so are you- your cute!!…I wish you were my boyfriend 4sho…..”.Let the haters hate, they cant relate cause all they be doin is da mastabate”. (good song lyric aye?).They aint getting none! THATS why they are jealous…..My hair is just as long and the same color as yours I get ALOT of compliments on my locks of love,But I KNOW what crap some people try to give you BUT usually its because they are so OLD and BALD that they are jealous because they lost their hair along with their youth!! YOU DO YOU !!!..BE YOU ! Your beautiful just how you are!

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