24 thoughts on “Model Boy Sonny showing it off!

  1. Sonny IS a boy god! King amongst kings! When God made the mold for Sonny he made it flawless! He’s gorgeous absolutely love him! *hear* and agree his behind is stunning as well! smile good

  2. shock I’m in love!!! shock I don’t want to EVER see him naked, I don’t think my heart could take it! heart ! I always say “If you got it, FLAUNT it! and he surely does “got it”! heart shock good

  3. You know, in the world of designer fashion, they accept only the most beautiful women, men, and kids to be “Supermodels”, I think Sonny and a few others like, Danny, Scotty The Hottie, and Tristan are perfect, WE could give them that title here at b.o.b.! because to me, they’re all SUPER!

  4. I know! Sonny has the cutest, little caboose on him and I think he knows it. I would just die to be alone with him and a package of size 7 Pampers. I think they were made just for boys his size. Thanks for all the comments guys. More pics to come in the future.

  5. Well, I’m new to this fantastic site (only became a member 2day) but if I ever see a boy more beautiful than Sonny, then I will be very surprised. He is magnificent, absolutely perfect beyond belief. Need I say more?

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