21 thoughts on “Sharing a few favorites

    • Florian and Dylan are 2 of those very rare boys that got cuter and cuter as they got older (at least till a certain point)! a rarity for me to like boys after age 14, but these darlings are an exception! good

  1. Florian and Damien are brothers, Dylan also has brother who models, I’m starting to think that Florian and Damien are Cousins to Dylan and his brother! I have pic of all 4 of them seated on a sofa in one of them’s living room! Dylan’s Mom is a professional photographer!she is the one who took most of the photos of them.

    I love #7, love the hairless armpit!

  2. I love each and every photo here. Amazing boys, but #9 is so hot. I will be dreaming about those 2 what they do with each other when no one is around.

    • Probably brothers, but even related brothers can be sexually intimate! and the right half of the pic does kinda suggest it! I grew up next door to a set of Latino twins, I know they were, they were 10 years my Jr. and I would sit them on weekends so their Mom could go out and party! One day I was sitting them at their house, they were in their bedroom, supposedly playing quietly, I heard giggling and bumping around so I went to check on them, they were definately “PLAYING” with each other! shock I wanted to join in with them so bad, but was afraid to…DAMN the missed opportunities! dash I did go into the bathroom and take of business! laugh

      btw, I didn’t stop them doing what they were so obviously enjoying! and after that, they were always willing do it in front of me! heart shock

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