19 thoughts on “Something Nice To make Your Wednesday A Little Brighter!

  1. Ah yes Cole Sprouse! Him and his twin Dylan were adorable! But unfortunately they’re past my AOA! I found Cole to be the cuter of the two when they where younger! I really liked both of them on the suite life of Zach and Cody good god they were so attractive back then!

    • The night Suite Life premiered on Disney, I just happened to turn to that channel just in time to see Zach and Cody laying on those poolside lounge chairs! I was instantly turn on! and have been hooked on them ever since! they may be in their 20’s now, but all I have to do is watch those episodes of Suite Life, and their 9 y.o. again, you might try seeing their movie “The Heart Is Always Deceitful” Dylan was to die for in that movie!! I loved him in that black suit! He also was very cute in drag!

  2. Cole Sprouse at 10 and 11 years old was my idea of perfection. I wasn’t the only man turned on by this pre-teen boy god. I watched every show just to drool over him. OMG, he was gorgeous.

  3. Real cute, little famous boys. Cole Sprouse drove me nuts too. I was so turned on when I saw him in his little scout uniform out camping in an early episode of Zack & Cody. I think he was around 10. He had his shirt tucked in to his cute, little shorts and when he turned around and showed his cute, little caboose…I think my jaw hit the floor. So damn cute!

    • Mega welcome! I have a few more to share, but not tonight, it’s late here on west coast (USA), about 7 hours behind the sites time zone, once I post this, the time and date stamp will something like 7:20ish July 10, 2015, it only a little after Midnight here! smile so I’ll wait till tomorrow to upload ny more.

      • Boybuff. I am having problems. I can’t log on for some reason I don’t know why so I am unable to check your private messages you sent me. As soon as a I can log on again I will respond. Sorry

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