23 thoughts on “Special boys

  1. God bless you CharlesB I just love you taste in photos! Every last one is awesome! I really like photo number one & two! Seen number two before! But number one is just tantalizing! heart good smile

  2. -Pics 1 & 2: He is wearing cute toy story undies because he knows he will be my toy tonight. He is even waiting for me in bed already. He is always an obidient boy.
    -Pic 3: this one is on the other hand a really nody and disobident boy. Look at his face, he knows something bad is coming for him, that is why he is laying down in his cute red undies in that position, he knows his big brother assy likes his boys in red and to spank them hard
    Pic 4: seems like an obidient boy, but i would still love to spank his cute litte booty.
    Pic 8: he also has a sad face. He did soemthing nody and is turnin himself to his big brother. Good boy, you know you need to admit your nodynes to your bro assy. Honest as always

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