Have You Met Oliver!? Oliver!? Oliver!?

I was introduced to this amazing boy story at age 10! I was instantly IN love with Oliver 1969 starring the incredible Mark Lester!
This video is from the Stage production in London!

This is Mark Lester , It was reported once that he’s actually lip syncing the scene, it was said he didn’t have good enough singing voice, Director wanted a soprano to sing, so supposedly his own Daughter did the dubbing in,so they claimed you are actually hearing her voice, but it is believable that he would singing because he’s SO beautiful! I think it really is him singing, what do you think?

Dickens was a writer that kind of reflected the times in his writings, Fagan is supposed to be A Jew, taking advantage of a group of orphan boys! Dickens depicted this because at that time in England, Anti-Semitism was quite high! it was said that yrs. later, he felt bad about making Fagan out to be so bad, so he wrote story about a Jewish Businessman that was very generous. if orphans were treated this badly in 1800’s England,

There is a scene late in the film, after Sykes kills Nancy, he takes oliver hostage, they’re out on this beam over a cargo door, he makes Oliver slide out and put the rope around the beam, It is obvious that Mark wasn’t wearing any undies, because after he installs the rope Sykes has him by the chest and picks him up, Mark’s pants almost went to his knees, always made me wonder IF they actually did! and they had to reshoot the scene! I always wanted them to fall!

12 thoughts on “Have You Met Oliver!? Oliver!? Oliver!?

  1. Actually 1968! I typed the date wrong, my keyboard has issues!

    Mark was 10 in 68, I was 10 in 71 when I first saw in theater, so I thought for many years that he and I were the same age! he’s the same age as my oldest Sister. I didn’t find out until a few years ago that he’s older, I looked him up on International Movie Database (IMDb.com). I’ve seen every movie he made from age 7 to 14 “Our Mother’s House” to “Melody”.

    • I was 10 in 71 too. I had a big crush on Mark Lester. That’s about the time I was really starting to be interested in boys and wishing I could see them naked. Also liked the boy that played Jim Bob on the Walton’s and I was in love with Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman

  2. Talking of productions, I went to see Billy Elliot the Musical in London a few months back, all I can say is WOW, beautiful boys in skimpy shorts dancing around! heart Great post by the way!

  3. I have loved this version of the Oliver Twist story since the first time I saw it. He is such a cutie. Sad to find out he wasn’t actually singing though.

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