Scotty #10

He is SO HOT!! I love this undies smile he looks so sexy with them, and sure he does look gorgeous without them too! ;)

image image image image image image image image image


39 thoughts on “Scotty #10

  1. I find it VERY ironic that “paranoid”parents today think every man that walks is a predator that wants to hurt their kid! Then they go out and buy a pair undies that have cartoon characters place right in front of their little packages! they might as well just say “Hey, look at boy’s thingie!” The underwear industry puts the print in that particular spot , because it hides detail when they are wet. but for me, it’s like a beacon, highlighting the spot! Not that MY eye need any help! laugh diablo

  2. Ok, that I can do..send me a PM so I dont forget, and let me find the link…as I dont usually keep them, and I wont be home (where I have all the pics) until august…and I’ll send you the link ASAP smile

  3. Wow! Another great discovery! Scotty is superb smile heart hug yes yes in all of his pics & it seems to me that he is in more or less direct competition with Cody. Who do I prefer? I can’t decide because I think they are both just too good to be true. I especially love this series of shots & I think #7 must be my all time favorite so far. This pic is soooooooo beautiful, well posed by Scotty & brilliantly positioned by the photographer, This boy has the most perfect little butt & stunning legs too. Many of my friends are always going on about girls & their lovely curves. I bet none of them could outdo Scotty in that respect! He looks equally good from the front too (look at #8 for proof). He’s a star, a boy wonder & he makes me feel glad to be alive! yes heart hug

  4. This kid although a young boy already has sex appeal and KNOWS how to “work it” what a little star he is ! He not only has the charisma to back it up he is very photogenic and has a killer little body AND a beautiful face ! I know its hard not to look at his body but just look at the proportions of his perfect little face .They are all symmetric and balanced oh so perfectly! You know how you can see a boy who’s hot but either this or that is a little bigger or smaller then whatever?,,,With him its all GOOD!…I LOVE this kid ALOT! I could stare at him all day!! Hes PERFECT! inlove heart hug

  5. That’s got to be the cutest vest and pants I’ve ever seen on a little boy. He looks so strong-willed and determined. I’d love to be his personal slave and dress him and undress him when he commanded it.

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