beautiful Sunday again :)

Unfortunately the next week I have no much time sad because of exams, So I can not make PoW and I can not be often look here. But I will publish the member posts every evening smile And will answer important mails and PMs. And after the week I have holidays gamer drinks good blum laugh








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31 thoughts on “beautiful Sunday again :)

  1. I don’t know how you keep doing it, but your posts are better than ever lately.

    Good luck on your exams and have fun on your holidays afterwards. Just remember, by the time you’ll be on holiday I have to go to work again.

    What kind of school gives exams in the middle of summer? sorry

  2. Wow! Beautiful Baca in photo 7! He is one of the most beautiful boys I have sseen and has a gorgeous body! A lovely selection. Thank you and please forgive me for dwelling so on Baca!! heart

  3. WOW!!! The first three boys are soooo hot and dreams-come-true for this BL. I would take boy #3. He is so pretty. I actually get weak looking at him. I love his face, hair, eyes, lips, and age. I want to be alone with boy #3 this weekend. What a doll!

  4. Each boy is perfection and I tried to choose one that I liked the most but couldn’t do it. Although pic 1 is a real heartbreaker and 4 has amazing eyes.
    Good luck with your exams and we’ll see more soon

  5. Ein wenig spät, aber ich hoffe für dich, dass die Prüfungen gut gelaufen sind. Und jetzt erhol dich in deinen Ferien.

    PS: Echt schöne Bilder, vor allem der Junge mit dem nassen T-Shirt ^^

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