Scotty #11

The last ones I have from him sad but again, when I find more, I’ll share them smile

A thing I LOVE from the new models (specially from Cody and Scotty) is the way they “open their legs and show their ass and package”. From Scotty, I love his facial expression when he shows his ass laugh

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17 thoughts on “Scotty #11

  1. Although I’m new to this amazing site, I have already done a lot of research and I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Scotty is the best. Why? Well, for a start he surely has the most perfect face for a boy, complete with good yes hug heart joy inlove very expressive big brown eyes. Gorgeous! He has a seriously nice body and as I said in my review of Scotty#10, this boy has the most stunningly beautiful bottom (I think that Sonny is his closest rival in that respect!). Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Scotty though is that he is completely lacking all the usual scratches, grazes and bruises that boys often acquire from rough playing and sports. But not Scotty, he obviously takes his modelling very seriously and so we always see him at his best. His skin is actually so fine that it looks as soft and smooth as silk. He is a truly magnificent kid with a lovely personality that really shines through in the pics. So, I give you – Scotty – the perfect boy!

  2. This boy is the definition of the websites name-sake…”The Beauty Of Boys”…He IS a Boy-God as some have said in earlier posts!! Maybe I am narcissistic and I LOVE inlove this boy!!! But when I was that young- not THAT long ago … laugh I resembled “Scotty” a lot..(except I have colored eyes).Although my parents would have never allowed me to be photographed in that manner( They should have) cause at that age I was a little hottie tooo! A lot of random people would tell them that I should be a boyt model too! Anyway back to “Scotty” I too am not THAT into boys that young(at least that’s what I thought) but I do have to admit that I would never deny that boy!!! He turned me out that lil devil…lol…Like other members said He has a BEAUTIFUL face!!! I know a lot are stuck on his body and he DOES have a hot little boy body…But that face is whats to be desired!!! Very symmetrically correct and HOT!! He is in my top 3 for sure….!!! heart While “Sonny” is for sure hot I have to admit to me that Scottty would be my boy hands down!! Love You Scotty!!!………… heart hug inlove good heart hug heart inlove

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