20 thoughts on “One boy

  1. I am a 58yr old BL., and boys like him are why I only wear size 12 and size 14 boys underpants……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the way they fit, feel, and look on me !!!!

  2. I sorry for u….
    You’re not ashamed of God…
    the holy quran book
    this is the book there is no doubt in it a guidance to the
    godwary …
    God is closer to you than your neck veins

  3. Yep that is Beryl, boybuff knows! He is very good looking, that’s for sure. I do have to state one fact though. I used to be a member on another forum 7 years ago, and these pics were around back then too. So just saying, these pics AND the Florian pics are nothing new. These boys are older now.

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