Goodbye Nukedguy


Having been following nukedguy’s albums on imgsrc for a long time, I’m sad to hear that he will stop this work. Some of his albums are still open, so here is a little taste for you.



16 thoughts on “Goodbye Nukedguy

  1. Well, he sometimes passes by here, but he is a little less active. And he did get nuked quite a few times in the past on Tumbler and worldpress.
    Hope to see Nikolas still round here.

  2. Nothing is more romantic than dressed up guys or guys in underwear cuddling themselves I love all of then but the second to the last kinda dirty character but I still love it

  3. Wow I know that name, a major name in fact. I used to frequent imgsrc a while back, but I stopped going there myself. Just got the feeling it wasn’t safe to be on there after a while. Like I’d click on an album and that scary ass FBI pop-up would appear and I’d have to do a force shut down and restart of my computer. After that I called it quits.

  4. My favs are #4 I so wish I was on the other side licking his other cheek.And #7 is just so dreamy seeing that one boy kiss the other cutie’s cheek.VERY SPECIAL INDEED.GOD I’M SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND THIS SITE.

    • If you want to become my friend
      my gmail:[email protected]

  5. I hope someone will post the last of the ‘French Freckled cutey’ including the younger version, he has been very captivating! I could not do this myself due to some issue with my ipod

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