25 thoughts on “Florian Poddelka – Pt 1

  1. Is the last shower picture actually Florian? I ask because I have seen that photograph before several times but never associated with Florian.

    Does anyone know?

  2. Florian Poddelka — anyone can gooogle or bing or otherwise internet search for him and get thousands of pictures of him. He be a fave of many. Now he is an adult and thanks for it all — but he is not into his mother’s push into the model industry anymore. Most models, male and female, including Miss America, are into it by way of their mothers (versus the sex trade which is male dominated, m and f. Go figure). (Not all. Either way, there are exceptions & weird situations, . Remember the odds do not guarantee a win in investigations nor in gambling nor in understanding.) Oh… forgot my purpose here. I love this guy. Always do and will. He is a wonderkind. Not as he is now as he moves on and is an adult now. F all of us and all that. smile

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