Meet Christian!

This is Christian everyone! Comments are always welcome and let me know what you think of him. Personally I think he’s WAY cute smile28339_103218109723248_2986305_n 37543_127088724002853_6310922_n 39338_130356843676041_6713823_n 167598_166144693430589_3245064_n 200193_182845738427151_6634456_n 297784_250117938366597_1588985607_n 300140_250119645033093_733292674_n 300896_250118395033218_625919376_n 544811_410533265658396_1246238917_n 598667_410532435658479_1254922716_n

14 thoughts on “Meet Christian!

  1. Thanks for the comments so far guys! I can see why for some of you pic #5 is your favorite, he’ really is a little cutie isn’t he? But sadly, these are all I have of him right now. Not to worry, this won’t be my only thread where I can share pics of cute and beautiful boys. Stay tuned smile

  2. Where do you find this bit of spice ? search I need him for the ckae I am to make today. good I react to NUMBER THREE, NUMBER FOUR,
    NUMBER SIX yes , NUMBER SEVEN and NUMBER EIGHT. NUMBER FOUR is the ZOOYORK. Take care of him, please, will u. He is a niceness smile

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