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  1. You don’t have to apologize! I love older muscular boys and imo he’s stunning!
    Instead I’m not really into it when I see here boys younger than 7 yo and maybe with diapers on. It’s a blog about the “youth” acute

  2. I don’t like to be too judgmental I know theres the big AoA thing goin on here and I too….have preference’s. I As a very young (8-10 ) boy I liked boys… As a teen I like teens and a little younger ,But in the last few years (much to my own surprise) I started seeing younger boys… I thought I would never look at like “that”? Now to each his own- but im not into BABIES or little toddlers or what not (no judgment’s if you are that’s YOUR thing)..But there is a difference between boys, teen boys and adult boys…….I DO like `em younger but on a desperate horny night probably would relent for one of these guys…but it wouldn’t be my first choice! More into the Florian,Riley etc etc look!

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