9 thoughts on “Caption

  1. smile 1) — BOXERS versus BRIEFS … show off time … a simple mystery. F U N ! smile
    smile 2) — It is not ”weird” any more to have five layers of [[crotch]] cover. So they make me aware of this. To wear a supporter + brief + boxer + short + baggy pant is not anymore weird. ??? DUH but real. Part of the play. Oh — do not forget the XXXL over size shirt. If you can afford it, play with it. I guess. gamer
    smile 3) — Part of the fun of body discovery is undressing. Part of the fun is to undress all the layers in front of others. acute
    smile 4) — Now u go baby and dress up to later undress and laugh blush

  2. I forget to mention that the design on the shirt is a sort of contest … and also as a challenge which can lead to fisticuffs. The layers are a challenge also … plus any design, color, and the very number of layers … each might be a challenge and a show off and a prelude. Please remember the comparisons of cock size in a shower room. Females make similar comparisons, though not cock sizing contests. Both make cock sizing contests while remarking on favorites of the other sex. Before all that, boys dress up as do girls. Weird ? Just homo sapien sapien smile blum

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