Hi, i am 14  years old and single if you (or know one ) are between 12-16 please write me on kik(xxxxx) <3 i am waiting for you <3 









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  1. dude, what? i am almost turning 17 and have the face of a 13 yo, and you are only 4 and have the body of a 17 yo? are you sure we aren’t supposed to change bodies? haha. Any way, you are super hot gohome! please PM any time handsome smile

  2. I am only 57 n a few weekz but now u have a new uncle! Youve been adopted until u get older also! Enjoy your youth while it lasts, which unfortunately seemz to last forever when yur there but disappears n time & then sum spend the rest of their years trying to get it back, like me=yur only as old as u think u are & that makes me 19 !!

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