32 thoughts on “special beauty :)

  1. Poor kid has no muscle! He should beef up a bit and get strong. He’s really good-looking, but put some muscle (not fat!) on him! Then get him into a speedo and let him tan up on the beach. He’d be fantastic!

    Thanks for posting these!

  2. I think he is very nice , while skinny he do not look like malnurished or anything like that, I like what he is wearing as well. I think those cloths would look good on the floor while i hold him tenderly laugh Thanks shasha I hope you did well on the tests

  3. Wow, he’s really amazing! Thank you for sharing these pictures!

    Do you have more of him? And do you have this pics in a higher resolution?

  4. Not slim and trim just trimmed and slimmed by nature for his future wonderfolkness. As you say at the start —> ”Maybe he is a bit special, but I think he is really beautiful smile and so nice slim heart ” A treasure for any special file or screen gem

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