A Tribute To Ryan White

It was said that MJ wrote this song specially for Ryan! and, though it’s not been confirmed, at least to my knowledge, that Ryan’s last request to Michael was that he pay off his Mom’s house, so she would have less financial burdens to deal with after his passing, I also heard that MJ and Elton John paid for Ryan’s funeral and his other final expenses including his extremely high hospital and medical bills!
If MJ and Elton did this for their friend, then my hat is off to you both, A true is ALWAYS there when you need them!

I love this song, the verse that mentions “Like a comet, blazing across an evening sky” for me that is the quintessential description of a boy!

I think it’s obvious to us at least, that Michael was a BL! because he appreciated boys in the same way we do.

Comments and opinions please!

12 thoughts on “A Tribute To Ryan White

  1. All of the above is true! MJ & Elton did pay for everything you mentioned! I agree MJ was a BL! Also yes boys are exactly like that lyrical content! smile good yes

  2. I lived in Indianna at the time Ryan was fighting his battle, the story saddened me deeply, I did not know him personal but knew of him. Today I live with the same ailment he had and get benefits from the foundation in his name

  3. Also Ryan was a gorgeous boy definitely would’ve befriended him! Don’t care that he was HIV positive! Would of shown him men can be your best friend too! heart smile

  4. cry I cannot believe I have never seen this before. What an amazing work! My prayers go out to Ryan’s family, friends, and all who were blessed to know and love him. It does not seem possible that he has been gone from us this long.

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