28 thoughts on “Underpants

  1. Wow. Why are illegal pics (you can clearly see the balls of the boys in 2 of the pictures) allowed now? I guess this site will be gone soon…

    • no is it not smile thanks for the hint, I overlooked that. But in many countries normal nudity is not illegal. And there you could just see a bit of the balls^^ But yeah you are right, I will not approve picture like that here smile

      • I don’t remember what picture it was, but that’s not even illegal because is not hc neither nudity, and there’s to remember that nudity it’s not illegal (obviously you can see when it is from porn), I just wanted to leave this clear, I always understand if Sascha have to delete or do not publish some pics, I mean, I love this blog and harm it with my pics it’s not my intention.

        It is not necessary to be so paranoid wacko , see a little bit does not mean that it is porn, at all.

        Anyway, I apologize if I did something wrong.

        Keep BB’s up! smile

  2. Wonderful pictures. By the way, nudity is perfectly legal in the USA as long as it does not involve any sexual activity. Pictures of nude children and adults are all fine. I do not see any “balls” in these pictures but it would be fine anyway.
    I love your blog!!!
    I hope you did well on your exams.

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