My asian Boy

Meet my little boy from Asia. I adore him and he adores me. Met him last year and i now care for him. He is gifted with brains and of course i think beauty. Always get the gold medal each term in school now that i buy his books to study. He asked about blonde boys in America so i took him to a parlour and changed his life. All kids in his school wanted to be blonde like him lol, Hope you see what i see.

14 thoughts on “My asian Boy

    • he is Filipino down near Cebu. . I send money every month to him for his needs, food, clothes school .
      Yes he is very cute as many boys are there. so many need help but i am only one person. He is ready for another hair dye lol. but wants to wait for me lol.

      he just turned 10 last week

      • Is he orphaned? maybe you can adopt him, he obviously loves you dearly, and you him! IF the possibility of adoption is there, I hope it all works out! smile

        BTW, he IS very adorable! heart

        • Not an orphan , but they want me to take him , so he can have a future, Yes he loves me as i love him He took english tutor for 8 months every day so we can communicate good, he learns fast, calls me dad lol

  1. — May I suggest something about your foster brother’s hair??? It needs more than the bleach & H2O2-peroxide treatments they give him … because it looks too orange. Hair is a toy. Have fun. Foster brother affection and rescue. heart

  2. Good Gawd he’s adorable! Even more so with the blonde hair! He’s gorgeous! Would’ve liked to see a just underwear photo of him! But these posted are awesome! Definitely cute big time! good yes smile heart

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