8 thoughts on “Sleeping with wolves

  1. Wolves have an undeserved bad reputation, they are actually a very social animal! They live in groups known as Packs, If the Alpha is a Female, this type of acceptance is very possible! and an Alpha Female that recently lost a Pup, would have been open to accepting a Human child as a replacement! It has happened several times in history,

  2. Wolves are not nice animals, however ”social”. Human beings are extremely complicatedly social, Evidence millions of violent and deadly social encounters, including murder and robbery, after WWI. Plus social encounters achieving eight billion people. This photo is not a natural state of affairs betwixt a homo sapien sapien and wild wolves. There are thousands of domesticate wolves to get with a model. smile Let us b real !!! PUH-LEEEZE !!! And there is NO historical evidence of wolves feeding the earliest romans. PU-LEEEZE !!! ♪♫♪♫ FUN TIME in the city ♪♫♪♫ drinks Nor chimps feeding a tarzanian ♪♫♪♫ FUN TIME in the city ♪♫♪♫ drinks FUN FOTO !!! Thanks sinal. I hope u r the real sinal and lt us drinks gamer

  3. The qualification “nice” or “cute” ragarding animals is not applicable. It is only for humans. The only thing applicable in nature is survival. But animals can feel emotions esp. if all basic needs are fullfilled. It is a type of intellect, mostly devolopped in predatory species.
    Yes I am the “real” Sinal, what ever that means ha, ha.

    • HELLO sinal !!! You know very well what being the REAL you, the REAL sinal, is versus the others who are jealous of you. I love your site. Animals, such as kitty cats and doggies, ARE cute and nice … that is why we like them. I love all of the ten cats I have in life (until each runs away, nature calling). We humans also like certain other animals for other reasons, depending. Survival is not all that goes on in nature nor in life, as you demonstrate with yourself and your site. smile I like this site, too , just this week do I find it somehow. ♂☼☼☼☺

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