National holiday highlights 1

Some of the highlights of the national holiday and the show. Don’t worry. I kept focussed.

N°1: Who will guess the nationality of this boy? It is a trick question.







Intermezzo: He got in front of the lens.


And finally this boy:

I first noticed him standing like this. He immediately had my attention.

And with pants like that it soon became clear to me he was wearing briefs.


Some more pictures of Pieter-Jan will appear in the second (and last) part.

24 thoughts on “National holiday highlights 1

  1. I do not like the looks of ONE thru SIX, the starwars shirt guy. NUMBER SEVEN looks okay !!! NUMBER EIGHT, NINE, AND TEN looks W smile O smile W smile ! acute You might want to follow your lens and find him again and make an offer to follow him instead … lens including and intruding. I will bet he has lots of comrads to choose from. Green NIKES or not. HE is a BABY KAKE Blonde with peanut butter and caramel !!! smile blum U do this just to get us goin, do U not U seducer U … Got U 2 Me, Ha Ha. sorry I lie … i b ok !!! wacko smile

  2. funny Jo the way all the pics are cute but I love the first..does anyone know where I can find Scotty or can anyone post his pic please I’m in love with him

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