National holiday highlights 2

Second and last part. Only featuring Pieter-Jan.

Yes, clearly he wears briefs.







And round here he started trying to scam his dad into getting him a playstation or X-box for him. Didn’t hear the complete story, but it was fun. Mom said it was ok with her if dad agreed. Dad however doubted his mom ever said that. But the boys facial expression and pleading eyes were gold.



18 thoughts on “National holiday highlights 2

  1. aww he is so cute, I love it if you can see the undies through the shorts, it stimulates so much my imagination smile an these cute legs and socks he is just lovely heart
    And If I would be his dad i could not say no, if he will manipulate me with that unfair look laugh

  2. OMG his legs are EXACTLY as I like them. Gorgeous. Would run my hands/tongue up and down them all day! Helps that he is blonde too ;-p They r perfect pics for me, thanks.

  3. He is a very very cute boy, If he was my neighbor and i knew he wanted an X box it would be his he would not even have to give an unfair look, thanks for sharing this lovely boy

  4. Yep he’d have a x-box PlayStation or whatever the heck he wanted! He’s gorgeous & adorable! Just all it take is for him drop them shorts and I’d make it rain! laugh diablo

  5. He is a hot cuttie yes yes I would buy him both of them if he took off the shorts and sneakers and let me smell and lick those feet and what ever else I wanted to lick. We would both be very happy. I would rub and lick those feet while he played yummy yummy inlove inlove hug hug heart heart

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