Nicolas is back (Guttedagger)

One of my favourite bloggers is back smile You should not miss his beautiful blog smile

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Here my favourites of his last posts heart It was not a easy choice smile
I have added a link to the blogroll section (right) too smile





29 thoughts on “Nicolas is back (Guttedagger)

  1. Por que no hay una pajina en español…todo esta en ingles por que tan clasista …….un comentario respetuosamente de tulon…… dash wacko drinks gracias

  2. Wow I am glad to see his blog is back. I really loved it. I will be checking it out. O.M.G. THESE BOYS ARE SUPER CUTE. SUPER HOT. WOW.

  3. Ohhh God Sascha the second photo is my favourite.That darkhaired shirtless cutie is so amazingly GORGEOUS.I LOVE his smooth flat belly.He looks so inviteing.Thank u so much for posting.And the blond wonder boy is a nice hawty too.

  4. hallo sascha smile
    this is awesome . im very happy for this . thank you for introducing nicolas new blog . you are truly best friend . heart

    hallo nicolas smile
    welcome back nicolas . this is wonderful . im glad you back again . but nicolas remember the wordoress is NOT safe . i hope your blog will be exist for ever . cheers to beauty of boys heart cheers to
    Álfgrímur’s Friends heart

  5. WOW! sascha! I just visited this blogsite, WOW!! The pics of the 3 HOT boys covered by only towels, called “Ready To Shower”, I’ve been searching for the full size pics, of those pics for years! and there are MORE really HHHOOOTTT!!! boys! heart

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