9 thoughts on “boylover and his pet

  1. Pet? Is that how a boy lover sees his friend? That is shameful. Please don’t respond stating that it was meant as humor, it changes nothing.

    • be not sad about it smile Nalle is a very young person and so i guess he like to rebel a bit smile I think many do not really like that term, because we had a discussion about it some months ago smile
      But in any case the picture is great. because i love soccer boys he he look so cute with that long hair. But he is sad cry so i want to cheer him up for example with many hugs smile

  2. Poor boy….Such thing happens !…Nalle will take care of you !……NOW WE will celebrate our preteen football heros…..Bartenders ! Open your bottles ! Our first guests will soon arrive with the 636 bus….Farmer Ted….THE PARTY MAY START SOON !!! Farmer IS HAPPY !

  3. Shucks and shivers !!! laugh The coach is just making sure the guy is okay. The photo might just somehow suggest many possible alternative explanations and fantasies and so ons. H is ok and someone is making sure … and THAT is what makes he a photo worthy. smile

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