Friday (it’s about a boy)

So friday is a happy day, what better way to end the day than with a nice boy

(warning: one picture may contain a relative and a friend)











Relax and have a sip.

22 thoughts on “Friday (it’s about a boy)

  1. oh wow he is so an adorable boy heart my favourite is picture 2, not because of the much skin, but i just love that kind of underwear, especially when it is wet laugh and I am just happy to see that he is wearing it too yes

  2. NUMBER TWO is about an ugly guy out to destroy, by way of fire, the guy who looks nicer than he is. This is how horror starts. The ugs versus the others and us. And the good looker who does not know better. diablo does the job better than any devil. I likes that NUMBER TWO photo to depict the devil and the other guy’s evil. I likes the guy to be picked on and could not ever do so such harm to him even if he hates me. i would rather kiss his footfalls.

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