22 thoughts on “Just a little beauty from the Ukraine :)

  1. Ohhh how I do love boyz like this shirtless cutie from the ukrane.Those shorts really hugs his beautiful butt so nicely.His slender boy is also very appealing.LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POSTING.THANKS SO VERY MUCH.

  2. gracias por vuestro envios de chikilinaes….si me gustaria intercambiar material eso si ……. sin caer en la obsenidad porno..si en lo sensual y desnudo con arte y con criterio de lo decente…gracias heart hug

  3. Something about this him is also the guys in the back or the background. A photographer just might and, just as easily, not, get a front shot to get a ‘hidden’ backgrounder or get what is otherwise not available for a frontal tell tale, so to speak. bad Bad boy a photog can bee sting. Bzz Bee Bizzy photographers. smile Sometimes the object, in this case is the one boy, is a maybe acting as a frontal knowing he is such as. No one ever asks me. I see such doings and understand. acute

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