17 thoughts on “camping fun 2

    • I have to agree with you! Would like to help him by taking him into the shower and getting him cleaned up! Could also take the boy behind and to the right a little – get both done at the same time!

  1. Summer Camps are best if:
    -they are boys-only
    -the boys are all younger than 13
    -it’s real warm all the time even at night, so the boys will go to sleep in nothing but their undies.. smile laugh

  2. #`s 1 & 3 Get your hands off my boy you !!! #6 is a doll! Love him,I want him!!! inlove no need for cleaning! chuckle Ill take him just like that!!! inlove #5 too throw him in!!! lol…and # 10 just because I love his shirtless bod!!!

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