17 thoughts on “Dirty boys (2)

  1. Nobody seems to be able to give a number to each picture when they post them. Too bad. I LIKE THESE SWEET PHOTOS OF THESE SWEET POTATOES.
    { With an ‘e’. (No, he want wrong.) (I am an American English Language speaker and me know the difference between a sweet potatoe and a yam versus a plain potatoe, ‘e’ or not ‘e’. smile) [siccum] } oh, shucks, all are varied and this set of photos makes me hungry. [The added ‘e’ to the plural of ‘potato’ making it ‘potatoes’ is a British thing. The added ‘e’ to the singular, making it a potatoe, is an American USA thing. I do not speak Brish English nor so spell such ways … :-] smile & ;-) gamer drinks

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