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      • maybe brian means his age. So everyone has a other age of attraction smile for me he is still in a great age.
        because i think 90% the posted pictures here on the site are not really new (the most of my posts, too) smile And i think it is not important at all. The topic is beauty of boys and he is a beautiful boy laugh thanks fior sharing smile

  1. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ”TOO OLD” MEANS HERE. This is GABRIEL of andrei2001 of iMGSRC.RU albums of ANDREI200000. I do not remember these few photos but I remember the guy and his hair cut and his side design. I always figure Gabriel’s hair design is andrei’s fault, but who knows — Gabriel looks well intentioned, so to speak. Andrei explains nothing nor does he need to. Gabriel is one of his specials, famous among us all, though Andrei has others also well known. Andrei goes to jail last year ‘over there’ and loses his camera. Now I know nothing more as I lose touch. That is my fault. Gabriel is an adult 2015 nowadays but the pics are of him backthen, YES, guaranteed !!! {Not andre, also of imgsrc.ru, also well known.} I have a few more of Gabriel but not these. THANKS for these ! smile

  2. Ah, yes it is Gabriel, I just adore him. To me he’s one of the most handsome boys ever. I’m glad people enjoyed seeing him, it’s nice to share some of my loves. Upon re-reading my reply to Brian, I didn’t mean to sound offended, I’m not. Just figuring out how things work. Most, if not all of my collection is web-finds, some are quite dated, all are cherished. Thanks, everyone and peace to all.

  3. — You K-N-O-W where you gets Gabriel pictures from. PUH-LEEEZE do not pretend. Yap here is not only dishonest but insulting especially in this case. — andrei is in jail over there and no one remarks. At all. Anywheres I see. For all that failure you’all get a failing grade – a grad-you-aye-shun de-nunce = 0 wacko —- If u get your stuff from his then get to his defense, maybe, kinda, sorta, somehow, and forget you are hidden and hiding. Help. I find it hard to find him. Maybe you know better how to — Tell us how to help him . . . help

    • …I’m confused. I SAID they were web finds. What are you implying? Maybe we’re having a communication breakdown, but I’ve seen enough of this place. I’ll politely withdraw my membership and move on. Goodbye.

      • what a shame cry But you are not the one and only. Because i do not unterstand Quantium too laugh I always read Andrei, jail, help and imgsrc smile But i can not see any context wacko Maybe Quantium will write me in some simple sentences his intention??? smile
        I hope you will visit this site again, at least for watching smile

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