The beauty of boys’ voices

The recent film Boychoir, starring Garrett Wareing as Stet (he really grows on you), a troubled and angry 11-year-old orphan from a small Texas town, ends up at the National Boy Choir School after the death of his single mom. Completely out of his element, he finds himself in a battle of wills with a demanding Choir Master who recognizes a unique talent in this young boy as he pushes him to discover his creative heart and soul in music.


It’s worth checking out. The heart-wrenching part is that, being his secret son, his dad doesn’t want anything to do with him (his dad has another family and two daughters) – But I don’t understand anyone can not want Garrett Wareing?? What’s even more heart-wrenching is that (Spoiler Alert) the movie ends with Stet’s voice breaking into puberty and he can no longer sing. Oh, the beauty of a boys’ voice is fleeting… It’s such a sad thought.


Anyway, the movie really boasts how smooth and cool boys’ voices are. Check out some of the videos below:



8 thoughts on “The beauty of boys’ voices

  1. I didn’t know about this movie until this post and thanks to it I have seen it last night and enjoyed it as well. Thanks for posting this I’m always interested in movies if they have either french or english subtitle when in another language than these.

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